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Born in 1951, I Nyoman Nuarta is Indonesia's leading sculptor who rose to fame as one of the pioneers of Gerakan Seni Rupa Baru. His exceptional works can be found across the country, from Patung Kuda Arjuna Wiwaha in Jakarta ( Persimpangan Jalan MH Thamrin dan Jalan Medan Merdeka) to the most anticipated Garuda Wisnu Kencana in Bali. NuArt Sculpture Park in Bandung also becomes an art lovers destination for its outstanding Nyoman Nuarta Collection from his early years.

Graduated from Institut Teknologi Bandung in 1979, Nuarta has created over a hundred art pieces that are mainly made of copper and brass. In the upcoming Art Moments Jakarta 2020, I Nyoman Nuarta will be presented by Linda Gallery. Established in 1990, Linda Gallery has been actively promoting Chinese and Southeast Asian art for more than 20 years and has established an international network for artists, collectors and art institutions. Linda Gallery’s headquarter office is located in Jakarta, Indonesia with branch offices in Singapore and Beijing.




Another exceptional sculptor who is known for his whimsical bronze figures is Andrey Ostashov from Belarus. Ostashov has shown his works in a number of European countries such as Russia and Austria. Ostashov’s iconic figures convey a mix of a fantasy realm and classical oriental mythology, which can be observed through a lot of his works that combine elements of Asia, as seen in the characters’ facial features, and some elements of fiction through the use of eccentric hairdos and shapes.

His works are already in the permanent exposition of the National Art Museum of Belarus, Funds of the Contemporary Fine Arts Museum of Belarus, the Museum of Arts in Malaga (Spain), and private collections in Austria, Belarus, Great Britain, Germany, Holland, Spain, Canada, Lithuania, United Arab Emirates, Poland, Russia, USA, and Switzerland.

Since 2013, the contemporary Belarusian art scene has been majorly shaped by Andrey Ostashov's solo exhibition of more than 100 sculptural and graphic works in the halls of the State Russian Museum in St. Petersburg.

"OSTASHOV sculpture" is a fine-art Gallery that exhibits Andrey Ostashov's sculpture, alongside works by international artists that utilize new approaches to traditional art. On major projects they work with museums and collectors all over the world. The Gallery is located throughout Europe ( Monaco, Sochi, Vienna, Moscow, St Petersburg, Minsk, Vilnius ), In Taipei and Astana. In the second edition of Art Moments Jakarta in 2020, expect to see a special presentation of Ostashov's whimsical works by "OSTASHOV sculpture".

Be Fine Art Gallery , founded in 1998, is a Taiwan based gallery who represents Andrey Ostashov in Southeast Asia. The gallery showed a collection of Ostashov sculptures during Art Moments Jakarta 2019.

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