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Galleries Testimony

Ota Fine Arts

“The team was very polite and helpful in assisting us to insert the artwork info and images to the virtual “booth”, making edits to our requests. This made the preparation process much easier and smooth. “

Cuturi Gallery is a next generation art gallery founded on the belief that art should be empowering and meaningful for everyone.

Cuturi Gallery

“Great initiative amid the pandemic, and the lifting of mandatory sign up to view the fair without hassle was very much appreciated. We do not have any comments on the cloud meetings, though the topics were interesting! Nevertheless, thanks to the AMJ team for your great efforts in planning, organising and coordinating tirelessly to make AMJO happen!”

ArtSociates was an art and artist management enterprise established on 2007 by Andonowati as part of Foundation AB.


“Staff members of AMJ 2021 were very helpful. AMJ 2021 provided several innovative programs. The format on and off lines were good format. Most importantly, we sold several artworks.”

AMJO also received great feedback from the media. The positive reviews helped us with the exposure of the event and also as a way for us to share our side of the story. Here are a few quotes from multiple media outlets of AMJO.

“Art Moments Jakarta is here as a creative industry who promotes fine arts and also the culture of Indonesia. This is also a momentum for the rise of the creative economic industry, especially in the field of fine arts, which will be carried out with a new normal approach, such as the application of strict CHSE rules in the implementation of events and actors”

- Sandiaga Uno (Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy), CNN Indonesia. -

“With the advancement of technology catalyzed by the pandemic, Art Moments Jakarta is supporting the NFT art scene. The event is also supported by the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy. Indonesians are quickly realizing the authenticity and validity of NFTs, especially in a digitized world. It has been created by the people, for the people, and holds value similar to a land certificate within the blockchain ecosystem.”

- The Jakarta Post -



ON 22.11.21 - 21.12.21

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