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Yuanita Sawitri

+628 5687 46 645

Puri Art Gallery

Puri Art Gallery was established in Malang, East Java – Indonesia in 2001. Since then, Puri Art Gallery has been devotedly supporting the art atmosphere in Indonesia and continuing to dedicate ourselves in establishing the art in the region, nationally and internationally.

Puri’s extensive collection and exhibitions present a wide variety of media including works on paper, painting, mixed media, sculpture, and installation.
In this Art Moment Jakarta Online 2021, Puri Art Gallery proudly presents the works of various artists from Bali, Surabaya and Yogyakarta, whom with their respective characteristics present extraordinary works, such as screen print technique by Devy and Jo, the traditional Balinese painting by Galuh, a new paper collage piece by Irene, doodling artworks by Agus Koecink and Fatoni, and not to be missed by the abstracts of Richard Irwin Meyer.

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