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D Gallerie

Established in 2001, D Gallerie was initially a Jakarta-based commercial gallery that focused on modern Indonesian art. The gallery switched its attention after being taken care of by its second-generation successor in 2006. D Gallerie started playing a bigger part in the dynamic and vibrant world of contemporary Indonesian art. This includes focusing on fresh and infrequently-exhibited artistic mediums such as contemporary photography and street art, inviting and promoting selected emerging artists from Bandung, Jakarta, and Yogyakarta.

Eventually, the gallery began working with several leading international contemporary artists, providing intriguing offers for the local art scene and facilitating fruitful knowledge exchange in the world of artmaking. D Gallerie marks a significant step to further expands its vision by providing more opportunities for female artist's works.

Moreover, D Gallerie continues to exhibit modern Indonesian artists' works, who have had prominent roles in the formation of the identity and the institutionalization of modern Indonesian art.

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